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The sustainability revolution is upon us. We believe it could be the largest investment driver in modern history. Now is the time for us to rethink models and our approach to investing. We have collaborated with the Financial Times to create a video series called “FT Rethink” that brings to life how this next economic revolution will affect companies and investors whilst exploring the unparalleled investment opportunity. Supported by our prominent thought leaders and leading Financial Times journalists, these videos offer engaging reporting and a fresh perspective.


  • Self-repairing cities
    FT Rethink

    Self-repairing cities

    Researchers are working out how cities can repair themselves. From robotic worms to pothole- patching drones, the goal is to slash maintenance costs that run into billions.

  • Deep-sea mining: vital resource or environmental disaster

    Surging demand for niche metals is setting off a race to mine the deep seas. Miners say it could diversify supply, but environmentalists fear it will do irreparable damage to the sea floor.

  • A Diagnosis for Europe
    FT Rethink

    A Diagnosis for Europe

    Samy Chaar, Chief Economist of Lombard Odier, pulls no punches on what Europe needs to do to endure this period of slow growth. Taking a leaf out of Japan's book to ​reduce inequalities, better education, and sustainable investing may just be the key to Europe’s prosperous future.

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