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The sustainability revolution is upon us. We believe it could be the largest investment driver in modern history. Now is the time for us to rethink models and our approach to investing. We have collaborated with the Financial Times to create a video series called “FT Rethink” that brings to life how this next economic revolution will affect companies and investors whilst exploring the unparalleled investment opportunity. Supported by our prominent thought leaders and leading Financial Times journalists, these videos offer engaging reporting and a fresh perspective.


  • Can we build smarter people using AI?
    FT Rethink

    Can we build smarter people using AI?

    Will AI help us create people who are artificially smarter than others? Theoretical neuroscientist and entrepreneur Vivienne Ming believes it’s inevitable, but warns that our use of AI could have unintended consequences.

  • Why women should invest in women
    FT Rethink

    Why women should invest in women

    Men dominate the venture capital scene. A recent UK study found that less than one per cent of venture capital goes to businesses founded by women. As the FT’s Alice Ross explains, there's a strong business case for investing in female-founded companies, particularly if you are a woman.

  • Dinner is printed: is 3D technology the future of food ?

    Dinner is printed: the future of food?

    3D food printing could help address some of the biggest challenges facing the food industry, including waste and climate change.

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