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In collaboration with the Financial Times, we highlight winners of the future who are developing sustainable food, financial and urban systems and supply chains. It is our role to champion businesses and entrepreneurs who understand that they must adopt sustainable business models, not only to safeguard the future of our planet and society, but also their own companies.


  • The rise of conscious capitalism
    FT Rethink

    The rise of conscious capitalism

    Increasingly, companies are realising they cannot afford to ignore issues like climate change, income inequality and a whole range of governance questions. Investors are also saying they want more than just profits. 

  • Curbing the great sand grab
    FT Rethink

    Curbing the great sand grab

    Every year, more sand than can be replenished is consumed to satisfy the global appetite for infrastructure. And curbing the plunder is proving far from straightforward.

  • Creating a circular economy for fashion
    FT Rethink

    Creating a circular economy for fashion

    Waste in fashion is on a massive scale, and less than one per cent of recycled textiles are converted into new, wearable materials. But very gradually, that may be changing. The FT’s Madison Darbyshire takes a closer look at three companies moving toward a circular economy for fashion, each in a different way.

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