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The sustainability revolution is upon us. We believe it could be the largest investment driver in modern history. Now is the time for us to rethink models and our approach to investing. We have collaborated with the Financial Times to create a video series called “FT Rethink” that brings to life how this next economic revolution will affect companies and investors whilst exploring the unparalleled investment opportunity. Supported by our prominent thought leaders and leading Financial Times journalists, these videos offer engaging reporting and a fresh perspective.


  • The power in poison...the benefits of scorpion milk

    It was the Ancient Romans who first discovered the benefits in using poisons to heal rather than harm humans. Some animal venoms can be used to cure diseases, create new drugs and treat chronic conditions. 

  • The blockchain revolution in the Silicon Savannah

    Meet the African tech hub tapping into blockchain's potential. In the heart of Africa's Silicon Savannah is a bitcoin and blockchain technology accelerator that's making waves across the continent. 

  • Data is the new oil
    FT Rethink

    Data is the new oil

    Can you compare oil and data? It's true both are profitable but complicated commodities. And once oil has spilled, it cannot be put back into the barrel... and the same thing could be said of data.

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