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In collaboration with the Financial Times, we highlight winners of the future who are developing sustainable food, financial and urban systems and supply chains. It is our role to champion businesses and entrepreneurs who understand that they must adopt sustainable business models, not only to safeguard the future of our planet and society, but also their own companies.


  • Can we turn the tide of plastic packaging?

    Plastic pollution accounts for 80% of all waste found in oceans. We must find sustainable alternatives and create more effective ways to reuse plastic. Action is required and investment in innovation is needed. Companies have developed solutions to tackle this growing problem. Watch our video with FT to discover more.

  • Decarbonisation: plotting the path to net zero
    Transitioning to a net zero economy will generate growth opportunities. And as the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated low-growth and depressed wages, time is of the essence. We need massive investment in key sectors to secure a sustainable future. Discover the sectors here
  • Warrior accountants: leading the green revolution?

    As the responsible investing business continues to grow, the Financial Times’s Gillian Tett believes players such as auditors, rating agency experts and corporate accountants could have a far greater impact on green issues than activists. Watch more in our video here

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