Lombard Odier Foundation and the Philanthropia Foundation support the fight against cancer


Lombard Odier Foundation and the Philanthropia Foundation support the fight against cancer

Our core values are those of sustainability and responsibility. At Lombard Odier, these principles lay at the heart of what we do and we’ve been philanthropists for over 220 years. We want to make a difference. That’s why our corporate foundation, Fondation Lombard Odier and our umbrella foundation, Fondation Philanthropia, have supported The OTIUM Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.This newly opened centre will offer cancer patients and their families a space to have holistic therapies that will help ease the effects of oncology treatment.

The therapies

The goal of these supportive therapies is to strengthen and sooth the mind and body. These carefully selected treatments are designed around four key pillars to provide holistic care:

  1. Advice – those who are affected by cancer, and their loved ones, are often in need of counselling, psychological support or they just need someone to talk to about their experiences.
  2. Aesthetics – cancer takes a physical toil on the body so items such as wigs or beauty products can help build confidence and make patients feel more comfortable during and after treatment.
  3. Relaxation – activities such as yoga, hypnosis and relaxation techniques (sophrology) are available to support the mental and physical wellbeing of patients and their families
  4. Expression – Whether using art therapy or group counselling, talking and sharing experiences, interaction and communication can be helpful and offer support to families and patients to discuss with those in similar situations.

Linda Kamal, Director of The OTIUM Centre and The OTIUM Foundation says:

I am convinced that these techniques can help traditional cancer treatment can help those suffering from cancer, accelerate their recovery.

A network serving those affected by cancer

The OTIUM Foundation believes that finances should not be barrier to receiving care so it has some funds available for patients and relieves who cannot afford the treatments or for those who receive social assistance. Some of the care can be covered by basic insurance in Switzerland; other treatments can be paid for using supplementary insurance. The OTIUM Foundation finances the courses.

The Centre can certainly count on the support of Geneva’s highest medical circles, notably the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and the La Tour Hospital. Some oncologists in the canton of Geneva have also offered their support.

Key players in the oncology field in Geneva, such as Dr Angela Pugliesi-Rinaldi, Head of the Oncology department at La Tour Hospital, and Professor Pierre-Yves Dietrich, Head of the Oncology department at HUG, are among the members of the foundation's Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee. This committee played a part in the choosing the staff members at the OTIUM Centre.

Professor Pierre-Yves Dietrich, HUG, said:

The life-expectancy of cancer patients has clearly increased. Beyond the immediate objectives of physical therapy and treatment, today it is a question of enabling people who are ill, in remission or cured to continue to live and to be integrated into society. This is where the OTIUM Centre plays an important role.

A project driven by generosity

Many donors have expressed enthusiasm for the project. Amongst them are private donors such as Jean Pastré, from the Lombard Odier Foundation, the Fondation Philanthropia, the André & Cyprien Foundation, and the Payot Foundation for the Promotion of Reading. If you want to know more or donate, please click here: http://centre-otium.ch

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