Fondation Lombard Odier proud founding partner of The Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

    Fondation Lombard Odier proud founding partner of The Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

    Through our 220-year heritage, we have dedicated a deep responsibility to leverage finance for the benefit of society and we have continually carried out philanthropic activity in Switzerland and further afield. In the spirit of Geneva’s humanitarian tradition, our foundation, Fondation Lombard Odier, is supporting the creation of a new Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Geneva.

    The centre, which will operate as an autonomous body with its own staff, will address many challenging themes in the field of philanthropy such as management, law, finance, economics and ethics. It aims to encourage academic training and research and to disseminate knowledge in the broader community. The Geneva Centre for Philanthropy will be able to draw on the UNIGE’s vast resources and know-how to drive a difference in the philanthropic space.

    Our maison has always upheld social responsibility and aims to further develop Geneva’s foothold in this arena at an international level. Geneva is home to the highest number of international organisations worldwide and one of the world’s leading clusters of non-profit organisations, including 1,174 philanthropic foundations Also, working in partnership with key influencers means we can strengthen the philanthropic eco-system and create effective solutions together. Our mission is to develop the practice of modern philanthropy in the 21st century.

    Patrick Odier, our Senior Managing Partner and President Fondation Lombard Odier, says:

    “Geneva has a longstanding, rich tradition of philanthropy and humanitarian work, known as the spirit of Geneva. As the world changes, philanthropy is enlarging its toolbox. The creation of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy is a timely effort to capture this spirit and develop the knowledge and insights that will shape the practice of philanthropy and social impact well into the future. We are delighted to lend our support to this effort, serving as a Founding Partner of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy at UNIGE.”

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