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    We specialise in bespoke wealth management to meet your individual needs.

    Whether you are looking for tailored portfolio management, wealth planning, Lombard Loans, socially responsible and impact investing, philanthropy services or multi-booking in numerous financial centres worldwide1, we can help.
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    Our sole focus is to care for and grow our clients’ wealth over the long-term. With over 300 investment professionals working across the globe, we generate innovative investment insights and employ them within a robust yet nimble asset allocation framework. We’re constantly exploring new ways to conserve and grow our clients’ assets at every stage of their lives.

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    Our approach to wealth management isn’t just about building a portfolio. We take a holistic, global, yet personalised approach to assessing your needs, which allows us to provide you with long-term, bespoke solutions.

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    Impact Investing.

    Lombard Odier has always taken its responsibility to make a positive contribution to society and the environment seriously. That’s why, for two decades, we have spearheaded the practice of investing intentionally to create outcomes that change the world for the better.


    Corporate Social Responsibility. Sustainability. Impact Investing. Philanthropy. At Lombard Odier, these principles are touchstones for everything we do.

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    • Portfolio risks and real interest rates, from Goldilocks to bear market

      Throughout 2017 markets enjoyed a ‘Goldilocks’ economy in the US with neither-too-hot-nor-too-cold conditions for strong returns thanks to synchronised growth and low inflation1. This year, we entered the late phase of the economic cycle as the metaphorical market porridge started to overheat. If investors are to avoid burning themselves, wealth managers need to provide the tools to defend portfolios from the inevitable illiquidity of a bear market.

    • Still a rather positive outlook
      investment insights

      Still a rather positive outlook

      Eurozone economic growth has slowed this year but is still broad-based, with all countries participating in the upturn, and firmly above potential. Lesser external demand accounts for much of the slowdown – the Eurozone being more open than most other large advanced economies.

    • Will trade tensions undermine China’s future?
      investment insights

      Will trade tensions undermine China’s future?

      In this article, we look at the economic situation in China, the state of relations between the world’s two largest economies and the implications for investors exposed to the yuan and emerging currencies.