Rethink your wealth architecture.

    You are seeking to preserve and grow your assets. Are these assets structured and managed in a coherent and optimal way that enables you to meet your life goals?

    At Lombard Odier, your banker is your wealth architect. He or she takes stock of your individual situation and the different components that make up your wealth, so together you can build long-term solutions that meet your needs as closely as possible.

    Taking a holistic and integrated approach, these solutions combine portfolio management with wealth planning. They structure your wealth in its entirety and put efficient measures in place with a view to generating returns and helping you achieve your objectives with peace of mind.

    Active listening to understand your specific needs

    You are an entrepreneur, senior executive or independent professional in Switzerland, and you are wondering about your financial future.

    • How do I preserve and grow my assets? How should I allocate my assets?

    • What can I do now to improve my financial position? 

    • When will I retire? Will I pass on my business? Will I stay in Switzerland or move abroad?

    • How can I manage my assets to optimise returns after tax?  

    As the custodian and manager of your private assets, we also want to be your partner in any considerations and decisions related to your wealth as a whole. We do this because all the elements of your wealth are connected, and it is only by taking a holistic approach that we can add the value and efficiency you expect from your financial partner.

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    Optimising your entire wealth

    Portfolio management is at the heart of our business. But in order to support you and your family over the long term and to propose the best way of managing all your assets, it is also essential to consider wealth planning and asset structuring.

    GFE-Webpage-Icon-2.png Asset structuring 

    We start by performing a complete assessment of your wealth (assets and liabilities) in the context of your personal, family and professional situation and your goals in life. If necessary, we then propose any measures needed to plan or change the structure of your assets, so your wealth is managed optimally and your assets allocated appropriately. 

    GFE-Webpage-Icon-5.pngReal estate financing support 

    When it comes to pensions and mortgages, we take an open architecture approach with a range of the country’s top partners, so we can be fully transparent in offering the solutions best suited to your goals and needs.

    GFE-Webpage-Icon-3.png Portfolio management

    Our aim is to identify the sources of return that will make it possible to preserve and grow your capital and create long-term value. Your portfolio is built on our investment team's convictions and analyses and is implemented flexibly to take your individual needs, tax situation, investment preferences and risk appetite into account. Our team of investment specialists is among the largest in the Swiss private banking industry.

    GFE-Webpage-Icon-4.png Consideration of tax aspects

    Neglecting to consider taxation2 can have an impact on your wealth. At Lombard Odier, we strive to take tax issues into account by implementing fiscally-efficient portfolio management, within the framework of local regulations. By allocating your assets to suitable vehicles, we can also optimise the taxation of your overall wealth and generate additional performance for the same level of risk.

    GFE-Webpage-Icon-6.png An experienced banker as your single point of contact

    At Lombard Odier, every client is looked after by an experienced banker. This person will have solid technical and management skills, and the support of a multidisciplinary team, who bring together the necessary expertise and experience to provide holistic support. With this approach, all the aspects of your wealth are interconnected.

    Welcome to Lombard Odier

    Our approach is personalised. Our solutions are customised. Our bank is solid, sustainable, and constructed on a human scale. We look forward to listening to you and accompanying you for the long term.

    Together, let's rethink your wealth architecture

    2 Bank Lombard Odier & Co Ltd does not provide tax advice. Clients requiring tax advice should consult an independent tax advisor.

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