Prix de l’Engagement Civique.

    For more than 20 years, Fondation Lombard Odier has proudly organised the Prix des Voyages Extraordinaires (PdVE). The Covid-19 pandemic has rendered travel extremely complicated, and we cannot expect a return to normal in the near future, especially the long-distance travel often undertaken by PdVE laureates.

    This is why Fondation Lombard Odier has decided to postpone the “traditional” edition of the PdVE, and propose a different award in its stead, oriented towards civic, social and/or environmental causes in Switzerland.

    A new award to encourage civic engagement

    This new award, entitled “Prix de l’Engagement Civique”, will allow young adults to receive a stipend for an internship in a non-governmental organisation (NGO), charity, public service or social enterprise.

    At a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain relevant work experience, and during a global pandemic, where travel is ill-advised, the Prix de l’Engagement Civique aims to encourage and reward young adults wishing to invest their time in a civic or charitable cause.

    The Prix de l’Engagement Civique aims to encourage and reward young adults wishing to invest their time in a civic or charitable cause

    Who can participate?

    Any young adult in the last year of secondary school education (typically aged 17-19) in the French-speaking part of Switzerland may apply to the Prix de l’Engagement Civique.

    Laureates will receive their stipend one month before their internship, after providing proof of securing an internship with an eligible organisation.


    How to apply?

    • Send us your application with the essential information about you (name, gender, school, etc.) by filling in the form, available in pdf on the top right of this page.
    • Your application must include a pdf document answering the following questions:
    1. What does civic engagement and responsibility mean to you? (~500-1,500 words)
    2. Please discuss a cause or organisation that you believe to be of particular importance to society (~500-1,500 words)

    Optional: should you have your own civic or charitable project, instead of answering the previous questions, you can send us your project details explaining:

    1. Purpose, cause and importance of the project
    2. Strategy / plan of action
    3. Expected outcomes
    4. Personal motivations


    We are accepting applications until the 18th of April 2021:

    Jury and review process

    The jury will receive the applications, review and grade them according to criteria such as open-mindedness, respect of others (and/or the environment), originality and thoughtfulness.


    • Mid-January – mid-April 2021: applications are open
    • Summer 2021 : announcement of laureates and/or award ceremony
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