Heritage & Monument Philanthropy in the Age of Impact
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Dear all,

Attached is the latest publication by Maximilian Martin, Global Head of Philanthropy, which discusses the growing role of philanthropy in preserving cultural heritage and historic monuments.

Natural disasters, the erosion of time and a lack of public funds have all created a deficit in the protection of this important part of our heritage, as demonstrated by numerous studies and statistics.

A growing role for philanthropy

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris late last spring is still high in many minds. This event is unfortunately not isolated: dozens of historic buildings are destroyed by fire in Europe each year.

Public finances are no longer sufficient to guarantee good conservation conditions for many heritage items such as paintings, sculptures, archaeological sites or monuments, whether they are well-known or not.

Analysis, case studies and tips

In this publication, divided into six short chapters, you will find statistics, trends and analysis, as well as case studies and a strategy framework:

  • The case for a fresh look at heritage and monument philanthropy
  • Restoration at the Palace of Versailles: conserving our heritage and skills
  • Leveraging the digital revolution to preserve our heritage
  • The future of monuments: heritage for all
  • What does innovative finance hold in store for heritage and monuments?
  • Monument philanthropy in six steps: the strategy framework


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