Funds Newsletter Editing
New process

Dear all,


Starting from 4 November, we will be testing a new process for the editing and formatting of your monthly fund newsletters (this should capture all the October newsletters).



  • Please send the newsletter(s) you wish to be edited to and copy in Hester Plumridge and M&C Publications.
  • Under Hester’s supervision, a new content manager will edit the newsletters and get them back to you very shortly. As before, you will receive back an edited version with the proposed changes in ‘tracked changes.’
  • Once you have reviewed the edits, please send your validated newsletter back to



  • It will NO longer be necessary to send your validated newsletter to
  • Your newsletter will be automatically laid out for you and you will receive it back from Moody’s as quickly as possible


We hope this process will be faster and easier for you, while continuing to ensure a high standard of editing. There will be a test period of three months, during which time Hester and the M&C publications team will continue be involved, to allow us to iron out any issues that may arise.


If you have any questions in the meantime, please do reach out to M&C Publications or Hester Plumridge.


Best wishes,

The M&C publications team and Hester Plumridge


For internal use only.