Weekly Investment Notes
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Dear colleagues,

In response to increased demand from advisory clients, we are widening the distribution of the Weekly Investment Notes (WIN) publications.

From 10 October onwards, the Weekly Investment Notes will be open for distribution on a cross-border basis for clients of Bank Lombard Odier & Co Ltd. (LOC) and Lombard Odier (Europe) SA (LOESA) in a greater number of countries.

Weekly Investment Notes - Switzerland becomes Weekly Investment Notes

We will be adapting the WIN Switzerland template to ensure it meets current cross border rules.

From 10 October it will become the Weekly Investment Notes.

It will be authorised for distribution to advisory clients of the Swiss bank resident in Switzerland and a selected number of countries outside the EU and UK. (In particular Tier 1 and Tier 2 as per cross-border rules).:

For the full list, click here.

Weekly Investment Notes Europe

The WIN Europe, currently available for advisory clients of LOESA, will now also be available for advisory clients of LOC resident in the EU and UK. This publication is prepared in line with European MIFID2 and PRIIPS retail standards.

Subscribing clients 

Both publications are now available on the CRM publications module for bankers to subscribe clients in the authorised markets.

Please note that distribution is restricted to this channel only.

For any questions, please contact IS Advisory team.

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For external distribution

By the Swiss Bank (Bank Lombard Odier & Co Ltd), by the European banks (Lombard Odier (Europe) S.A. and its branches)

The publication is available for clients subscription on the CRM Publications module.

For additional informations, please contact M&C Publications / coordinator

Hotline: 2300 – mcpublication@lombardodier.com.