Sustainable development

Sustainable development has been one of Lombard Odier’s concerns for decades.

One of the first companies to integrate social and environmental criteria into its financial research, Lombard Odier has also been involved in a number of international initiatives which actively promote those financial practices most in keeping with the principle of sustainable development. The partnership which the Firm entered into in 2007 with Generation Investment Management, the company founded by Al Gore and David Blood, also underscores the importance it attaches to this new type of investment which combines sustainability and profitability.

Lombard Odier extends this vision in its support policy by encouraging projects which aim to raise public awareness about protecting the environment, such as the major open-air exhibitions that the Firm organized in collaboration with French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and his GoodPlanet Foundation:

  • The Earth from Above: premiered in Geneva in 1999, then traveled to Zurich in 2001 and Montreal in 2002, before returning to Geneva in 2005, with some new, unpublished photographs
  • Alive: exhibited in Switzerland’s five largest cities in 2007, then in Prague and Montreal in 2008

In 2011, named International Year of Forests by the United Nations, Lombard Odier teamed up with the GoodPlanet Foundation, Geneva Industrial Services and the “J’aime ma planète” association to present Of Forests and Men, an open-air exhibition comprising 70 large-format photos of forests taken across the globe by 39 renowned photographers.

GoodPlanet Foundation