Hydros is an ambitious Swiss programme that is developing ‘aero-hydro’ technologies to reduce energy consumption in industry, energy production, sailing and other forms of maritime transport. Lombard Odier has supported Hydros since it was formed in 2012.

Hydros builds racing aerofoils that test its technological innovations, and uses these to take part in major international sailing competitions. Its boat Hydros.ch can fly over the water at more than twice the speed of the wind; its new boats can fly at more than three times wind-speed.

These new super-fast ‘Class C’ boats will be unveiled at the LITTLECUP in Geneva in September 2015. The LITTLECUP event is an important testing ground for new technologies that frequently re-surface at the Americas Cup.

Hydos created a foundation in 2014 to raise public awareness of energy issues and challenges. It launched HydroContest – a competition for university and engineering school students to develop tomorrow’s maritime energy-saving technology – the same year.

Here at Lombard Odier, we have been supporting innovation and developing new thinking and talent for more than 200 years. In that spirit, we are proud to support Hydros and its team, who are promoting Switzerland’s expertise and competitive spirit far beyond the country’s borders.