structure wealth and preserve your capital.

credit can be used to improve the structure of your wealth from a tax perspective


By borrowing against assets rather than selling them, capital gains tax can be deferred1. Credit can also be used for financing gifts or paying inheritance taxes, for example. By taking a Lombard Loan against an existing life insurance policy, you can maintain the tax benefits while covering your liquidity needs. This avoids any partial redemption of the policy that would lead to the taxation of unrealised gains1.

our prudent approach to risk


Since 1796, and through 40 financial crises, we have focused on safeguarding our clients’ assets. In a world that is constantly changing, we offer stability and continuity. We maintain a prudent risk policy in all the activities that we undertake for our own account and on behalf of our clients. We lend conservatively, based on the type and value of the collateral provided - giving you peace of mind in the event of adverse market movements.

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