private wealth holder.

Although you may choose to work, your lifestyle is primarily supported by your portfolio of wealth and assets. As such, you want to make sure that your portfolio is optimised to continue supporting your lifestyle for as long as you need it to, whilst being mindful of your legacy.


Lombard Odier allowed me to stop worrying about my children’s financial future. Now I am able to focus on the things in life I most value.

Our maison offers wealth and tax planning services to support you in maintaining your lifestyle through your assets. Our discretionary and advisory management mandates can be designed around your lifestyle needs. If you expect those needs to change in the future, we can help you prepare. Lombard Odier is also your reference partner for all your real-estate plans. We offer you our expertise on interest-rate strategy, duration and investment of your own funds so that you can make the most of your mortgage from a capital and tax perspective. We work with one of Switzerland’s leading mortgage brokers to ensure that you benefit from competitive rates. This solution provides you with a bespoke, flexible and transparent offer with regard to financing terms and conditions. Our credit offering may also be a solution for boosting the performance of your assets. 

We’ll also take a cross-generational approach to ensure your legacy is arranged as you wish – wherever your assets are held. And you can keep an eye on everything via our digital services, My LO and Global Assets+.

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