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You’re a highly accomplished professional at the top of your field. But you’re not interested in the minutiae of wealth management, and you don’t have the time to devote to personally organising your assets. Nevertheless, you are close to retirement, and you want to plan for your future. You care about protecting your wealth, both for your own future and that of your descendants.

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Do you own a successful business, or are you a prosperous partner or majority shareholder in a firm? After the success you’ve achieved, you might be thinking about how to protect the fruits of your labours with solutions tailored to your personal circumstances. But that same dedication to your business means you don’t have the time to grapple with the intricacies of wealth management, and to devise the right plan to organise your assets.  A considerable amount of your worth may be tied up in your business, and you may want to leverage that wealth to fund your future lifestyle choices as well as structuring it for transmission to your descendants.

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senior executive.

Having spent your working life delivering at the highest level, you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career as a very senior figure in your company. Your extensive contribution is reflected in your compensation, and you’re starting to plan for retirement and to think about transmitting to the next generation. But the demands of making that contribution continue to keep you from devoting the time and attention required to cultivate your wealth, much of which is tied up in stock options and so needs careful attention to mitigate the risk involved.

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private wealth holder.

Although you may choose to work, your lifestyle is primarily supported by your portfolio of wealth and assets. As such, you want to make sure that your portfolio is optimised to continue supporting your lifestyle for as long as you need it to, whilst being mindful of your legacy.

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lump-sum taxpayer.

Are you living in Switzerland with sizeable assets, but are not a Swiss citizen? A proportion of your wealth is held internationally, but you still want to avail of the benefits that Switzerland can offer to your portfolio.

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As a successful philanthropic organisation, you want your portfolio to be sustainably managed while ensuring it continues to support your foundation in its mission for decades to come.

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