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portfolio management.

Our investment philosophy is geared to the long term, and we manage risk accordingly. We offer individual, straightforward, transparent portfolio management that adapts to a changing economic environment. Our strategies are tax-efficient and designed around you. And our discretionary mandates mean your wealth can be managed in line with the objectives that you have agreed with your banker.

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post-tax return.

Our highly-skilled team of wealth and tax planners, investment strategists, economists, analysts and portfolio managers can support you with specialised and transparent advice on Swiss single line investments, as well as tax-efficient structured products.

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birds eye view.

Lombard Odier has developed My LO, a global management and reporting tool that uses state-of-the-art technology to facilitate wealth monitoring and investment decisions. This means we can offer you a clear, consolidated view of your estate, with all the information you need to understand the performance of your entire portfolio, anywhere and on any device.

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major business transition.

Whether you’re looking to sell your business, enter a merger or acquisition, or are looking for financing solutions, our corporate coverage team can help you set up and implement your corporate development strategies.

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pension cover.

Pension assets are not subject to either income or wealth tax. Managed separately, isolated from other banking assets, their tax features are not generally used in the most-efficient way.

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relocation to switzerland.

We are an independent, experienced partner that can accompany you, your family members or your company at every stage of life, and help you get to grips with day-to-day life in Switzerland. Once we gain a deep understanding of your wealth issues, as well as the implications of your establishment in Switzerland and links abroad, we’ll get to work managing and preserving your assets.

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Lombard Odier is a pensions pioneer, and we have been managing pension assets for nearly 40 years. In 2011, Lombard Odier launched a tailored pensions offering in the Swiss market that has now invested some 500 million Swiss francs.

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international assets.

To facilitate and manage administration, deposits, consolidation and monitoring of your international financial and non-financial assets, we offer an integrated solution – Global Assets+.

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buying a property.

As our client, you can benefit from best-in-class real estate and mortgage advice. We can support you in relation to funding, credit for construction projects, direct or indirect holdings or dividing ownership.

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Whether you want to realise an aspiration; flexibly manage your liquidity, grow and diversify your investments or restructure your wealth, our Swiss clients can make use of our Lombard loans and mortgage consultancy services.

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In a world characterised by rapid change, many wealthy individuals are now rethinking their philanthropy with unprecedented ambition. We are here to help translate your aspirations into action. Together, we can design and structure your philanthropic projects so that they align with your values and maximise their impact on the world.

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transfer wealth.

We can help you organise your succession, by drafting and implementing your testamentary dispositions as well as donations. We structure your wealth so that you can anticipate the legal and tax implications of your inheritance.

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key information.

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