market intelligence and research capabilities.

Leveraging on our global reach and expertise, we deliver market intelligence and wealth management know-how that matters to our clients. Our solutions are focused on real value creation. Our views are fundamental in nature, macro-focused and complemented by bottom-up convictions. Our experts span all asset classes and investment strategy styles.

macroeconomic strategy and asset allocation

Our teams analyse the economic forces that shape market trends to create forward-looking investment strategy and to provide guidance on the global asset allocation.

Asset allocation is key to the long-term generation of performance. Many of our clients like to target specific returns. They want their portfolio to be invested across a range of asset classes. Our investment strategists allocate assets based on their views on financial markets.

Other clients prefer to focus on risk, and make sure their portfolio’s downside exposure is kept under control when markets become volatile. For them, we have pioneered a risk-based approach for multi-asset investing. We aim to generate performance by maintaining a balanced exposure across key risk factors. Our risk-based approach was launched for our own Swiss employees’ pension fund in 2009; we then expanded it to serve our institutional clients. Today we offer it to our private clients as well.


Our equity research team creates an exclusive list of direct holdings convictions based on our proprietary process and investment philosophy. Here, fundamentals come first and foremost. We concentrate on our circle of competence, as well as regions and industries where we have proven expertise. 

fixed income

The mission of our fixed income team is to provide all of our fixed income strategies, proprietary credit and sovereign issuer selection, as well as to manage in-house fixed income funds and dedicated mandates.

fund selection

We strive to offer our clients the best funds investment ideas on the market, whether from us or other firms. Our external fund selection teams analyse, select and provide our clients with access to the best external long-only active and passive, as well as hedge funds managers outside Lombard Odier.

Our analysts’ depth of knowledge and our proprietary selection process allows us to exploit opportunities covering the entire spectrum of asset classes, closely monitoring and identifying the best managers in their respective sectors.

Our own ‘PrivilEdge’ range of funds allows us to partner with leading external managers on differentiated strategies that meet specific client needs.

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