creating solutions that can be integrated into our clients’ portfolios.

Our socially responsible investing model was established in 1997. Even back then, we were innovators in a defining moment in the history of ethical and Impact Investing. In 2011, we set up our own Impact Investing team because we wanted our clients to have access to Impact Investing products and state-of-the-art expertise in the area of investment management, business analysis and social impact.

The solutions we create can be easily integrated into our clients’ portfolios, so we reach the scale required for true success.

bringing together expertise in the impact office


In our view, each and every investment should deliver not only strong financial performance, but also solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. In fact, in efficient capital markets, the two should go hand-in-hand, and in order to achieve this, we must place impact at the heart of our investment processes, alongside risk and return.

Our ambition is to identify new opportunities arising in the sphere of Impact Investing and to create simple, accessible products for our clients.

In the Impact Office, we strive to expand our range of solutions across several asset classes in the form of funds and mandates; and we aim to further integrate Impact Investing criteria into the group’s investment processes, and, finally, to advise and support our clients in their own Impact Investment projects.


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Bertrand Gacon Head of Corporate Sustainability

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