constructing an impact portfolio.

For 20 years, we have applied the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach. It allows investors to invest responsibly without radically changing their core investment strategies.

But we believed that we could go even further. So, to complete our ESG approach, we developed an additional, complementary analytical framework called “CAR” (Consciousness, Actions, Results) for the 5,000 listed companies we cover. This enables us to distinguish the activities actually undertaken – rather than just intended – by these companies, and to measure the real results.

By integrating our new generation of impact data into our analysis alongside the CAR framework, the frontier between ESG investing and Impact Investing is slowly disappearing. The dawn of the mainstream 100%-impact investor has arrived.

our unique approach

We take a three-pronged approach to Impact Investment in order to maximise the positive effect on your portfolio:

ethical exclusions

We avoid companies that are engaged in activities that are at odds with your values and beliefs. In turn, this means we steer clear of investments you believe will have a negative impact on the environment or on society.

environment, social and governance (ESG) solutions and carbon intensity

We favour companies that behave better than their peers from an environmental, social and governance perspective. The ESG approach gives a score to companies according to how, for example, they manage their staff, interact with their suppliers or control their direct emissions.

impact investing

We examine the real impact that a business has on the environment or on society through its goods or services. It means investing in firms that are truly in the business of making a positive and measurable impact.

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