a pioneer in impact investing.

For 20 years, we have focused on finessing our approach to Impact Investment with a passion borne of our belief in its power and importance. Today, the significance of impact and its crucial role in any investment strategy is becoming ever more widely recognised, a third dimension alongside risks and returns.

In 2016, we brought together our two decades of knowledge and expertise by setting up an Impact Office. Its aim is “to get broader and go deeper” with the notion of impact across our business.

Impact Investors have always tried to find ways to ease the adoption and integration of new approaches into mainstream investment portfolios, with the aim of bringing the benefits to an ever-broader group of investors and to maximise the ultimate impact on the world around us. This is what we mean by “getting broader”.

It’s not just about the adoption and integration. Finding new and better ways to account for the direct and indirect consequences that all investments have on the environment and society has also been a key development in the impact space. Quantifying these consequences is how we progressively moved from ethics to responsibility, responsibility to sustainability, and sustainability to impact. This is the crux of “going deeper”.

Our investment approach focuses on identifying and creating high-impact vehicles, so we can offer you a tailor-made investment universe that meets your needs and ambitions. And it changes the world for the better.


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Bertrand Gacon Head of Corporate Sustainability

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