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4 July 2019, Netherlands

We look forward to welcoming you on the 4th July for our Sustainability seminar at Kasteel Woerden.

“Sustainability”: it is mentioned everywhere, regulators say you need to act and countless ESG products are launched every day. But what does sustainability mean for you and how can you set your objectives in order to both generate return and achieve the right impact in this “sustainability storm”? 

Our first sustainability forum in 2007, discussing climate change and ESG screening, was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. The notion of sustainability and its place within this industry was still in early stages and we have since witnessed the financial sector as a whole make strides on this front. At the seminar, experts, including keynote speaker astronaut and ambassador of the earth André Kuipers, will be focusing on answering your questions. 

The majority of the seminar will be in Dutch.

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Solving the climate integration puzzle

Climate change is increasingly recognised as a key systemic risk, meaning that the risks and opportunities are unlikely to only effect the valuations of directly impacted companies.

In this Q&A, Willemijn Slingenberg-Verdegaal and Lisa Eichler, Co-Heads of Climate & ESG Solutions at Ortec Finance, explain why climate change risk has become such a priority and how climate, macroeconomic, and financial modelling can be tied together to produce a more complete ALM and inform strategic investment decisions.

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Creating a climate for sustainability

Climate change is one of the most pressing sustainability challenges investors are facing today.

The physical risks associated with a rise in global temperatures, and the transition risks created by shifting towards a low-carbon economy are already having wide-reaching consequences for investment portfolios. 

We believe that it is no longer possible for investors to ignore the risks, or the opportunities a transition on this scale presents.

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the next economic revolution.

The next economic revolution is already underway. At Lombard Odier Investment Managers, we believe it will drive returns in the next three to five years and beyond.

The notion of 'sustainability' has most commonly been associated with climate change, but this current revolution goes way beyond that single, albeit very important, issue. It is transforming our economies and the companies that drive them. We believe it will affect every corner of the globe and every asset class in every investment portfolio.

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12:45 Registratie en ontvangst
13:15 Welkomstwoord
13:30 Interview met André Kuipers, astronaut & ambassadeur van de aarde door Manuel Adamini, head Engagement, Climate Bond Initiative
Het stappenplan voor het vaststellen van uw ESG beleid
Don Gerritsen, PRI’s Head of Benelux
Panel discussie “Ga aan de slag!”: hoe integreert u ESG en creëert u de juiste impact
Marcel de Berg, Strategic impact ConnActor
Lisa Eichler, Co-head Strategic Climate Solutions Ortec Finance
Willemijn Verdegaal, Co-head Strategic Climate Solutions Ortec Finance
Anne Gram, Onafhankelijke beleggingsexpert
Foort Hamelink, Associate Professor aan de VU en ESG solutions LOIM
15:30 Pauze
15:45 De duurzame financiële ‘taxonomie’ – wat houdt het in?
Maarten Vleeschhouwer, EC-beleidsadviseur: actieplan voor duurzame financiering)
16:15 Verantwoord beleggen: een fiduciaire plicht
Carolina Minio-Paluello, Global head Solutions LOIM
16:45 Borrel


Kasteel Woerden
Kasteel 3
3441 BZ Woerden 




Read the full biographies here.

Dr. André Kuipers
Astronaut & ambassadeur van de aarde
Manuel Adamini
Head Engagement, Climate Bond Initiative
Anne Gram​
Independent investment expert and internal supervisor
Marcel de Berg
Strategic transition ConnActor
Anna de Jong-Wakley
Head of Sales and Solutions BeNeLux at LOIM
Lisa Eichler
Co-head Strategic Climate Solutions at Ortec Finance
Don Gerritsen
Head of Benelux, PRI
Dr. Foort Hamelink
ESG research and Solutions at LOIM
Dr. Carolina Minio-Paluello
Global Head of Solutions, Limited Partner at LOIM
Willemijn Slingenberg-Verdegaal
Co-head Strategic Climate Solutions at Ortec Finance
Maarten Vleeschhouwer
Policy Officer at the European Commission 

Read the full biographies here.


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Ilse Hoos
T +31 20 8546 092