The Multi-Asset team manages the award-winning All Roads strategy, as well as bespoke outcome-based solutions and benchmark-oriented mandates.

All Roads multi-asset


integral to any portfolio

Designed to be an integral part of any diversified portfolio, All Roads seeks to provide investors with liquidity, a stable return profile and capital protection. It does so by maximising diversification and actively managing drawdowns.

To satisfy the needs of a broad range of investors, liquidity, simplicity, transparency and scalability are at the heart of All Roads’ design. Its implementation is long-only and stays true to our systematic investment approach.

proven historical track record

All Roads has a five-year track record of delivering on its target outcomes. Testament to our confidence in the approach, Lombard Odier’s pension fund adopted All Roads as its core strategy in 2015.


bespoke solutions

Our risk-based approach aims to deliver value to investors by mapping their return objectives and risk tolerance into a portfolio which maximises performance for those outcomes that matter most.


targeting a smoother path

Our multi-asset risk engine dynamically responds to changes in volatility, risk factors and tail risks, seeking a smoother journey for our investors throughout the economic cycle.


more efficient risk-taking

For investors with higher return targets, we prefer to provide an increased exposure to a diversified portfolio rather than simply increasing the equity exposure.


benchmark-oriented mandates

For investors seeking exposure to a multi-asset benchmark, our investment team can tailor an efficient allocation suited to their objectives.


tailored building blocks

We mix passive and active building blocks to maximize implementation efficiency


disciplined tactical allocation

Our systematic macro analysis process optimizes positioning relative to business and market cycles.