At Lombard Odier IM we believe our heritage in responsible and impact investing is hard to rival, both in terms of the long history of our commitment and the depth of our expertise.

our offering includes three different approaches:  

  • Ethical exclusions relate to investors’ values. It means avoiding companies that are engaged in activities that are at odds with the values or beliefs of the investor.

  • ESG solutions, is all about business practices. It relates to favouring companies that behave better than their sector peers from an environmental, social or governance perspective (or all three).  Our proprietary scoring approach complements the traditional ESG view by giving us a better understanding of how much the company is really engaged in a deep and concrete transformation of their practices. It allows us to separate companies that are really walking the walk from those that are just talking the talk.

  • Impact investing is about the real impact that a business has on the environment or on society through its goods or services. It means investing in firms that are directly in the business of making a positive and measurable impact – such as rural electrification companies or providers of clean transportation equipment.

Furthermore, through our highly-developed and transparent reporting, we help our investors gain a meaningful view of their portfolios from an ESG/impact perspective.

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