Our equity solutions are grouped into two broad areas, each comprising multiple specialist strategies:

  • High-conviction strategies
  • Factor-based strategies

high-conviction strategies

Our high conviction teams take a benchmark-unconstrained, long-only approach to investing with the aim of delivering alpha and maximising risk-adjusted returns.

Our high conviction proprietary process is centred around the selection of companies with sustainable business models that we believe can deliver excess economic returns and are mispriced by the market.

We believe investing with such a high conviction process is especially critical in a world where many traditional asset classes offer low return potential and are highly correlated.

factor-based strategies

Our factor-based strategies focus on shared characteristics of stocks that are understood to be relevant in determining outperformance over time: value, quality, momentum, low risk and small size.

We focus on these five key factors which are simple, intuitive and well-documented in academic research and our strategies are designed to get the right exposure at the right price. Aiming to deliver sustainable risk-adjusted returns, we seek to equally balance exposure to factors across cycles in order to construct resilient portfolios.

Our process is proprietary, systematic, transparent and scalable, allowing tracking-error targets to be tailored to clients’ preferences.

high-conviction equities


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