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Lombard Odier Investment Managers is the asset management business of the Lombard Odier Group. We are solely focused on our clients - institutional investors and financial intermediaries. Our firm is independently-owned by its partners, and this structure means our interests are wholly aligned with our clients and we have a culture of creating fresh investment perspectives. We provide a range of investment solutions including:


The aftermath of the global financial crisis has created a new paradigm in fixed income, posing far-reaching challenges for investors. Low or negative yields in key bond markets mean searching for yield is a key concern for investors. And with the very nature of bonds now altered, investors are forced to rethink asset allocation. In their search for yield we believe investors should consider taking more credit risk and explore emerging market debt

Indeed, our positivity on emerging markets extends also to equities, where we believe increased economic strength is not fully captured in asset valuations; similarly, european equities are also an attractive destination for investors, in our view. Regardless of the asset class, investors are increasingly taking into account extra-financial considerations – seeking to invest with impact – but they must look for the right expertise or risk their capital being put to work in a way they did not intend.

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Our investment capabilities include fixed income, convertible bonds, equities, multi-asset, alternatives and impact. In each area we have carefully developed investment approaches that we believe are best suited to meet investors’ objectives in the modern investment landscape. We organise our investment professionals into independent investment boutiques thereby allowing them the freedom to focus on delivering risk-adjusted returns in their specialist area while benefiting from the resources of our global investment platform.

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Our extensive range of mutual funds gives investors access to the best of our strategies across a broad range of asset classes. In addition, we offer a selection of exchanged-traded funds (ETFs), offered in partnership with ETF Securities.

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Our heritage and our combination of the best of conservatism and innovation keeps us well-positioned to create lasting value for our clients.

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‘Rethink Responsible Investing’ event – London, 30 October

As leading innovators in responsible investing for 20 years, we want to share our lessons learned and deep knowledge with investors. 

Lombard Odier Investment Managers announces the appointment of Eric Roeleven as Head of Institutional Sales, Zurich as of 1 October 2017.

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It’s time for investors to rethink European equities

Europe’s ‘lost decade’ of economic prosperity has been a concern for investors for some time now. Geopolitical uncertainty, the spectre of the sovereign and financial crises, and an outlook of low growth have all played their part in dampening investors’ appetite for European equities. However, we believe the landscape has changed – Europe’s recovering growth, increased business confidence and accommodative monetary policy indicate positive dynamics for investment that are not yet priced into attractive European equity market valuations. 

Different shades of Brexit and German elections
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Different shades of Brexit and German elections

The much-awaited May speech on a Brexit roadmap in Florence was important as it narrowed down the different shades of Brexit on the table and reduced speculation around various scenarios, for example over whether there would even be an exit deal.

Up to this point, we think Britain had worked itself into a prisoner’s dilemma, where self-interest based narrow "rationality” was looking likely to lead to a sub-optimal Nash equilibrium from both Britain's and the EU's perspective. 

The great unwinding by the Fed begins
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The great unwinding by the Fed begins

In a widely expected move, the Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged and announced a timeline to put its stimulus programme into reverse from next month and reduce its $4.5 trillion balance sheet.

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Federal Reserve Meeting – Balance-Sheet Mixes with Fed Rates

While investors widely expect the Federal Reserve (‘FOMC’) to leave interest rate policy unchanged this week at between 1.00% and 1.25%, most anticipate the Committee will announce the start of the reversal of quantitative easing and the reduction of its $4.4trillion balance sheet, given the highly publicised journey taken towards this point and Yellen’s recent speech at Jackson Hole.