impact office.

We can help you select investments that have a sustainable impact on the environment, society and the world.

socially responsible investments.

Lombard Odier was one of the first institutions to include environmental and social criteria in its financial research, and to offer its clients investment solutions that fully integrate their values. We can assist you in creating your own responsible investment policy, addressing issues that you feel are important. Your portfolio can be built and managed accordingly, using a proprietary environmental, social and governance analysis that integrates your responsible investment requirements in a tailor-made way.

impact investing.

Engaged in microfinance since 1998, today Lombard Odier is a well-respected provider of Impact Investing solutions. With Impact Investing, you can mobilise your capital to achieve both a high social impact and a financial return by investing in the world’s most effective social businesses.

Our expertise in this domain focuses on companies in emerging countries that provide essential services to low income communities, giving them an affordable way to access education, health, sanitation, electricity or basic financial services. We also pioneer new ways of making private investments a driving force for good in the areas of conservation, food security and humanitarian activities.