Giving is a challenging art: we can help you develop a charitable donation strategy that is efficient and rewarding.

We can help you maximise the impact of your donations and ensure that your involvement is useful, efficient, and rewarding. It is essential to have a philanthropic strategy that matches your personal aspirations and gives you the opportunity to choose the conditions of your donation with complete peace of mind. The experience of the Partners of Lombard Odier over seven generations in the area of philanthropy, as well as the experience of our experts, can provide valuable help at each step of your commitment.

Philanthropy advisory services

If you wish to set up a philanthropic project but have not yet ironed out the details, we can help you give shape to your vision. We work with you to develop a giving strategy and help you with any legal and administrative issues. We can help select the beneficiary organisations and identify the vehicles that are suitable for the cause you wish to support.

Fondation Philanthropia

Fondation Philanthropia gives you the advantages of a private foundation while at the same time guaranteeing lower net costs and ensuring that your contributions are closely monitored. This umbrella foundation created by Lombard Odier enables you to provide support to an area of activity or to specific projects, in your own name or anonymously, on your own or together with other donors, via participation in a thematic fund, or by setting up a personal fund.

Our services include:

  • Structuring personal philanthropic projects
  • Umbrella foundation (Fondation Philanthropia)
  • Monitoring the impact of your philanthropic project
  • Tax optimisation of your donations