family business.

As entrepreneurs and independent bankers for seven generations, we have an in-depth understanding of the family business model and the challenges relating to its continuity. Specifically, we can help you establish solid family governance and provide you with advice on business succession for younger generations.

Advice for family businesses

We analyse the family’s relationship with the business and the communication processes within the company. Drafting a family charter or organising seminars on topics specific to family businesses can help you to identify certain key topics and the responses that are possible in the specific context.

Structuring family wealth

The family business is often one of the greatest family assets, and integrating this into wealth management is a key element in providing a holistic approach. We evaluate the economic situation of the company and its shareholder structure and help you organise your family assets based on your objectives and a strategy defined with you.

Creating specific tools

Having a family office, a system of governance or a family charter can facilitate the administration of your family wealth and the management of the family company. We can help you to create and develop these tools over time so that they always meet your needs.

Our services include:

  • analysis of the family situation with regard to the company
  • development of governance and management strategies
  • integration of the family business into wealth management
  • coordination and monitoring of relationships with internal and external parties