Reimagining and rethinking the world around us has been at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we sponsor projects that are at the forefront of technology. We work with businesses, and on initiatives, that demonstrate the same vision that brought us through 40 financial crises.  

france digitale.

At Lombard Odier, we believe in cutting-edge technology and the power of digital. So we make sure we partner with enterprises who are completely aligned with, and inspired, by this philosophy.  

Since 2016, we have proudly supported France Digitale. Created in 2012, France Digitale has one mission: to transform France into a territory that champions startups, locally and further afield. A major part of its mission is to raise awareness of the potential economic and social impact of the digital ecosystem. Alongside this, the association has a development programme that encompasses networking, and sharing knowledge and best practices.

And it’s not just about building relationships and promoting the digital revolution. France Digitale also has an economic purpose. They intend to improve the French economy’s capacity to create new economic champions, by lobbying public institutions, major economic players, the media and the European Commission.

world virtual reality forum.

Technology is a constantly evolving landscape. That’s why, this year, we supported the annual summit of the World Virtual Reality Forum (WVRF) in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. The WVRF aims to confront ideas and to understand the potential effects of innovation in virtual and augmented reality on technology, culture, philosophy and education. It also debates the challenges for broadcasters, developers and the cultural industries in general, now and in the future.

UK Tech Awards

Lombard Odier was founded and built by entrepreneurs and remains driven by the same independent spirit. That is why we decided to play a leading role in the 2018 UK Tech Awards, a showpiece of British innovation in the technology sector. Our bank has sponsored the prize for best use of technology in the digital economy. The award picks out companies that have best harnessed the power of online tools such as mobile, social media, the cloud and Big Data to enhance and transform business models.

Our bank is also part of the 20-strong judging panel which brings together experts from the tech, private equity and corporate finance sectors to examine hundreds of entries across the categories.



Lombard Odier are partnering with CERN by committing financial support, over the next three years, to six talented PhD students in particle physics research via the CERN & Society Foundation. The young researchers selected to receive an ATLAS grant will continue their studies in Geneva as part of an international collaboration involving 181 institutions and agencies from 38 countries. The PhD students will take part in the ATLAS experiment. This consists of two general-purpose detectors at the Large Hadron Collider, which are used for investigating a wide range of physics, from the search for the Higgs boson, to extra dimensions and the particles that could make up dark matter. They will be under excellent supervision and training while working alongside leading specialists.

We are reaffirming our commitment to a young generation of scientists driven to constantly push the boundaries of technology in order to advance science and help solve society's problems, around the globe, in sectors such as health and the environment.