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Climate change in Katowice - the US is still in but are wealthy countries paying enough?

The heavily coal-dependent city of Katowice in Poland is the venue for the Twenty-Fourth Conference of the Parties (COP24) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change this week. The 2015 Paris Accord was about pledges on the issue surrounding climate change, and the event's goal is to turn those promises into action. Here is a round up of the events of the first week.

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Melville - the city where an elder life is a better life

Melville in Australia is a city of the elderly. One in every four people is over the age of 60 and it has the second highest level of dementia in Western Australia. By 2020, the older population is expected to rise to 29,400, almost one third of all residents.

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The two keys

The way in which humanity consumes Earth’s resources has triggered a slow-moving catastrophe. To reverse it, we must act fast. But the problem of resource sustainability is an indicator of two even deeper problems. And while the—often surprising—solutions to these problems are entirely achievable, investors must fulfil a critical role if they’re to be realised in time. Investors who answer the call won’t just change the world for the better. They’ll be the beneficiaries of a truly extraordinary investment opportunity.

Sustainability - the greatest investment opportunity of all time
rethink sustainability

Sustainability - the greatest investment opportunity of all time

At Lombard Odier, we believe sustainability will be the single biggest driver of returns. We integrate sustainability into our investment strategies.

Millennial earning power creates a generation gap for wealth managers

The oldest members of the Millennial generation are approaching 40. By 2020, they will be the largest segment of the adult population and as they replace Baby Boomers in the workplace, they will dominate spending for the coming decades.

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We only have one planet: it’s up to everyone to protect it

The problems of climate change and pollution seem to be growing increasingly urgent every day. Pressure is mounting on companies in the most exposed sectors, with environmental NGOs, states and investors in particular bringing their voices to bear. We seem to have passed the denial phase of climate change now, and people’s awareness is growing worldwide. The ultimate challenge remains: ordinary citizens, companies and the world of finance need to learn to act sustainably.

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Who stewards the stewards?

A sustainable future cannot be built overnight. It is a project that will consume our species for at least the next hundred years. While we can only speculate on how the latter half of that century might pan out, we’re on somewhat firmer ground with the next few decades. To get a sense of how the sustainability project might develop in that time—and how investors can help steer it in the right direction—it’s worth learning about the people alive today who will spend the most time delivering it. Who are they? What are they working on? And how can investors support them?

Funding for the future - why investing sustainably is good business

These are very different times in how companies do business. Shareholders are in a better position than ever to affect change and to help plot a course to sustainability.