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How Danone is sustainably disrupting the food industry – an interview with Blandine Stefani, B Corp Director, Danone

When it comes to sustainability in food, one company is determined to lead the way. We spoke to Blandine Stefani, Danone’s B Corp Director, about why sustainability is good business.

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Travelling with a conscience

With growing concerns on the impact of tourism on the environment, many travellers are beginning to consider their carbon footprint. But what impact is this having on the tourism industry? And how can companies adapt to sustainable trends whilst enabling tourists to travel with a clean conscious? 

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Greta thrives in the eye of the climate storm

Greta Thunberg is a trailblazer for sustainability. And has led by example. Many young people are coming out in droves to protest against climate change and are turning to governments and businesses to help lead the charge. And they are seeing results. Last week saw renewed commitments from companies and investors alike, at the UN Climate Change Summit, in tackling climate change and building a better tomorrow. 

Building portfolios around Eagles to deliver superior returns for our clients

Read our interview with Hubert Keller, CEO LOIM and Frédéric Rochat, Co-Head of Private Clients. They explain why we select Eagles for our portfolios because they are the winners of tomorrow. We avoid investing in Ostriches, those companies who refuse to adopt sustainable models and risk being left behind.

How do we stop cooling systems heating the planet?
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How do we stop cooling systems heating the planet?

Global warming is creating a rapidly growing demand for cooling systems, themselves a significant driver of climate change. The potential solution: a new field of technological innovation 4000 years in the making.

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The future matters, so discount it with care

Not all futures are created equal. Dimitri Zenghelis, Project Leader for The Wealth Economy at Cambridge explains the concept of “discounting” and assessing the risks associated with climate change. Climate change is a serious and long-social problem that we cannot place on the shoulders of generations to come.  Decisions taken today should not decide policies for those not even born.

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Waking the dead

Dead zones are one of the biggest sustainability issues of our time. What are they? Why isn’t everyone talking about them? And how can we fight against their environmental devastation, damaging effect on coastal economies and ability to wipe out species. Read more on how investors must play an essential role in incentivising the solutions we need.

The millennials making a difference – meet Selin Yigitbasi-Ducker, founder of Goodsted

The next generation continue to break boundaries. Meet one such young person: Selin Yigitbasi. Her interest in volunteering led to her establishing her own company, Goodsted. An innovative platform, it brings together socially minded individuals or firms who are keen to volunteer their services or efforts to non-profit projects. Selin aspires to “collaborate on projects to create positive change.”