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Inheritance law reform in Switzerland: what do I need to know?
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Inheritance law reform in Switzerland: what do I need to know?

After decades without change, Swiss inheritance laws are now changing. These new laws will give Swiss testators more flexibility and freedom in choosing beneficiaries. Read our experts’ overview here.

Calculating a company’s carbon footprint: debunking 7 misconceptions on scope 3 emissions

Calculating a company’s carbon footprint can be challenging. Although scope 1 (direct emissions) and scope 2 (indirect emissions) are easy to calculate, scope 3 are linked to company’s wider value chain and are often tough to calculate. We debunk common myths surrounding scope 3 emissions here.

"Building Bridges" must show that the sustainability community needs to act

In an interview with Le Temps, Co-Senior Managing Partner Patrick Odier talks about “Building Bridges”, a yearly conference that brings together the international community in order to establish concrete actions to tackle climate change.

Five reasons why you should consider going plant-based
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Five reasons why you should consider going plant-based

Food production has long been one of the biggest problems facing climate change. With alternatives ranging from insects to lab-grown meats, discover the top reasons we should all consider going plant-based and support sustainable food production.

Is hydrogen the key to a sustainable transport system? An interview with Philippe Rosier, CEO, Symbio

Hydrogen is gaining traction as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, especially in the mobility sector. In an interview with Les Echos, Philippe Rosier, CEO of Symbio, discusses the benefits of hydrogen and the scale of the transition.

Expanding our footprint across Asia – fostering strong ties with strategic alliances and driving sustainability for long-term growth

Lombard Odier is committed to Asia where we have grown tremendously since entering the region over 30 years ago. Discover more from Vincent Magnenat, Limited Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Lombard Odier Asia.

A change in market narrative: from inflation fear to growth scare

A more defensive market outlook has shifted market sentiment, bolstering the dollar. As the eurozone’s growth proves sustained, the single currency will ultimately gain.

Sustainable investing: the dawn of a new economic era. An interview with our Co-Senior Managing Partner, Hubert Keller

Hubert Keller, our Co-Senior Managing Partner, analyses the transformation of our economic model and the companies that are leading the way towards a Circular, Lean, Inclusive and Clean (CLIC™) economic model. Discover our investment convictions here.