Further gradual dollar depreciation but EURUSD in a tight range for now

While maintaining a bearish medium term view for the US dollar, we have downgraded our EURUSD forecasts for this year.

How is trade shaping markets and our investment strategy? Is market optimism justified? Our Q22019 investment outlook video is out.

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Lost in Brexit purgatory

The UK is still a long way from escaping its Brexit purgatory. While the European Union’s patience for the UK’s Parliament fades, real risks remain in play.

What do new developments in artificial intelligence mean for industry, investing and our society?

New developments in artificial intelligence could have important implications for industry, technology, investing and our future.

Self-repairing cities
FT Rethink

Self-repairing cities

Researchers are working out how cities can repair themselves. From robotic worms to pothole- patching drones, the goal is to slash maintenance costs that run into billions.

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