in europe, some look for good... we look for the best!

Europe’s growth recovery, increasing business confidence and accommodative monetary policy make it an attractive destination for investment.

These strong economic fundamentals are not yet priced into European equity market valuations.

We believe that companies generating a return on capital in excess of their cost of capital outperform over the long term.

A disciplined approach to identifying such companies should be complemented by fundamental analysis to identify best-in-class stocks and opportunistic investments.

LO Funds - Europe High Conviction invests in a portfolio focused on high-quality European companies at attractive valuations and would be suitable for investors seeking a steady return from equity markets over the long term.

Already recognised as Strong by Fitch, AAA by Citywire and 4 stars by Morningstar1, Portfolio Managers Peter Dionisio and Cyril Marquaire have been hand-picked by Citywire to feature amongst their EuroStars Top 250 Fund Managers in 2017.

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Peter Dionisio, Co-Portfolio Manager of LO Funds–Europe High Conviction Peter explains how adhering to a rigorous high conviction investment process is critical to delivering performance over the long-term.


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LO Funds - Europe High Conviction


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