A Royal Restoration- Supporting the Chapel of Versailles with Foundation Philanthropia

    A Royal Restoration- Supporting the Chapel of Versailles with Foundation Philanthropia

    Our longstanding history means we have always been committed to preserving heritage and to being a patron of the arts.

    Since 2012, Fondation Philanthropia, Lombard Odier's umbrella foundation, has supported the Château de Versailles in an array of restoration projects. Today, we are proud to announce that restorations on the Royal Chapel at Versailles will begin in 2020. This project is supported by our foundation and by Saint-Gobain, the large sustainable habitat solutions firm. It is certainly no mean feat. Completed in 1710 by Robert de Cotte, the Royal Chapel of Versailles was the last great work undertaken during the reign of Louis XIV and is undoubtedly a masterpiece. Its sweeping architectural style and exceptional design are set to be brought back to life.

    The chapel was last restored in the 20th century and this project aims to conserve the roof, preserve the external carvings and overhaul the enclosure and canopy. The stained glass windows, framework and the slates will all be restored to their former glory.

    In respect to this architectural feat, all the restorations will be carried out using traditional techniques to ensure the preservation of the original building. This large-scale operation not only offers an opportunity to engage master carpenters, sculptors and others but to support the training of upcoming craftsmen.

    It's not just about rebuilding. Our role goes further in this. This project offers an opportunity to raise awareness and encourage patrons to support cuture. This is our ambition. To unite private individuals or companies to ensure the arts are celebrated and continue to be nourished.

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