Lombard Odier anniversary dinner

Wednesday 31 October

Experimentation and curiosity have pushed the boundaries of cooking into its own form of high art, blending cultures, ingredients and techniques to create a culinary symphony of complex flavours to surprise and satiate our palates.

From the pinnacle of creating Edo sushi to the transformative fusion flavours of modern day Japan, we want to share with you a memorable experience created by the Palace Hotel’s executive chef Masatoshi Saito and Michelin starred sushi chef Shinji Kanesaka. Their individual approaches to retaining the values of old world food and refining it in a delicate manner will come together in an exciting combination where east meets west.

To celebrate our 222nd anniversary we will hold a cocktail reception, followed by a four-course meal that reflects the organic evolution of Japanese cuisine over the centuries. There will be a live performance artist conducting sand art during dinner.  Sand art is comparable to story-telling where the artist will create a series of pictures onto a surface and images will be gradually rendered in sand by drawing lines and shapes with one's hands.  It is one of the only types of art that truly exists in the moment, is temporary in nature and cannot be preserved.

Sand artist Karin Ito has performed before an audience with Princess Kiko and Prince Akishinono, the Crown Prince Naruhito's brother. She will portray Lombard Odier’s 222 legacy with images that signify our progression from the past to the future.


Dinner dress code: Cocktail

Please note that your contact details will be collected and retained by Lombard Odier Trust (Japan) Limited and may be shared with other Lombard Odier Group entities for the purposes of this event.