Experiential visit
Japanese tea ceremony

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Experience a traditional tea ceremony and wagashi-tasting (Japanese sweets) by a qualified master in a private tea room in the grand Buddhist temple of Zojoji, as well as a guided explanation of other key structures in Shiba Park central Tokyo and their significant role in history during the Edo period.

The Japanese tea ceremony known as the “Way of Tea” has a significant place in Japanese cultural arts, where learning can take several months at dedicated schools, adhering to strict rules of procedure and etiquette of the highest order.  Even seasonality and the variation in temperature affects ingredients and equipment that will be used, hence the sensitive nature of such a delicate and precise art form.


First come, first served

Meeting point: Lobby Palace Hotel, 8.45 am

Coach transfer to luncheon and forum at Happo-en will depart at 11.30 am

Dress code: Business attire

Please note that your contact details will be collected and retained by Lombard Odier (Singapore) Ltd. and may be shared with other Lombard Odier Group entities for the purposes of this event.