Rethink Generations
Celebrating 222 years of innovation

Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Tokyo, Japan

programme day 2.

  • Wednesday, 31 October 2018
    • 9.00 am

      Experiential visits reflecting tradition and innovation in Japan
      Venue: Meeting point at Palace Hotel lobby, 8.45 am

      Japanese tea ceremony

      Heritage house discovery

      Special access to teamLab’s Planets exhibition

    • 12.00 pm

      Journey Through Time luncheon
      Venue: Happo-en, “Nuit suite”

      Celebrating the evolution of Japanese cuisine and the 222nd anniversary of Lombard Odier Group

    • 2.00 pm

      Rethink Generations forum
      Venue: Happo-en, “Jour suite”

    • Welcome remarks

      Vincent Magnenat ∙ Limited Partner ∙ CEO Asia Pacific ∙ Lombard Odier

    • Sustainability over Generations

      Patrick Odier ∙ Senior Managing Partner ∙ Lombard Odier

    • 2.15 pm

      Family business dialogue

      Lee Wong ∙ Asia Head of Family Services ∙ Lombard Odier

      Roger King ∙ Professor ∙ Tanoto Centre for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship ∙ Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

    • 2.45 pm

      Rethink Generations panel

    • 3.15 pm

      Afternoon tea

      Traditional Japanese confectionary representing four centuries of history, courtesy of family business Toraya

    • 3.45 pm

      The Sustainability Revolution presentation

      Carolina Minio-Paluello ∙ Global Head of Solutions ∙
      Lombard Odier Investment Managers

    • 4.15 pm

      Investing for Good panel

    • 4.45 pm

      Rethink Business presentation

      Daisuke Sakai ∙ Co-founder ∙ teamLab

    • 5.15 pm


    • 7.00 pm

      Lombard Odier anniversary dinner
      Venue: Palace Hotel, “Yamabuki room”, 4th floor

    • 9.30 pm

      Au revoir

japanese tea ceremony.

Venue: Meeting point at Palace Hotel lobby, 8.45 am

Experience a traditional tea ceremony and wagashi-tasting (Japanese sweets) by a qualified master in a private tea room in the grand Buddhist temple of Zojoji, as well as a guided explanation of other key structures in Shiba Park central Tokyo and their significant role in history during the Edo period.

First come, first served

Coach transfer to luncheon and forum at Happo-en will depart at 11.30 am

Dress code: Business attire

heritage house discovery.

Venue: Meeting point at Palace Hotel lobby, 8.45 am

Courtesy of Heritage House Trust, discover how Sonoda House is a perfect prototype of post-World War II western architectural influences impacting the construction of traditional Japanese wooden houses.

There will be live musical accompaniment from a non-profit organization during the tour, and linked with Heritage House Trust.

First come, first served

Coach transfer to luncheon and forum at Happo-en will depart at 11.30 am

Dress code: Business attire

teamLab Planets exhibition.

Venue: Meeting point at Palace Hotel lobby, 8.45 am

As an art collective founded in 2001, teamLab are an inter-disciplinary group of various specialists such as artists, programmers, engineers and architects whose unique approach to re-creating art has become an international phenomenon.  We would like to provide you with a special access guided tour where they will explain teamLab’s interpretation of art in its dynamic and inspiring medium.

First come, first served

Coach transfer to luncheon and forum at Happo-en will depart at 11.30 am

Dress code: Business attire

This is an interactive visit which requires audience participation to wade through shallow water. Guests will need to remove all footwear in order to fully appreciate the exhibition. Towels and short trousers can be provided if required.

journey through time luncheon.

Venue: Happo-en, “Nuit Suite”

From the local delights of the Edo period through to modern day delicacies, we will take you on a Journey Through Time luncheon with a panoply of Japanese food, a cuisine that continues to evolve, influence and derive appreciation around the world.

Dress code: Business attire

rethink generations forum.

Venue: Happo-en, “Jour suite”

The Rethink Generations forum will gather clients from Japan, Asia and Europe to share their experiences in leading entrepreneurial ventures and family businesses, and to glean insights into ways to manage their interests and investments in a sustainable manner.

Forum dress code: Business attire

Coach transfers to dinner at the Palace Hotel will be arranged by
Lombard Odier, departing at 5.30 pm


Lombard Odier anniversary dinner.

Venue: Palace Hotel, “Yamabuki room”, 4th floor

From the pinnacle of creating Edo sushi to the transformative fusion flavours of modern day Japan, we will celebrate our 222nd anniversary with a four-course meal that reflects the evolution of Japanese cuisine over the centuries, crafted by the Palace Hotel’s executive chef Masatoshi Saito and Michelin starred sushi chef Shinji Kanesaka.

There will be a live performance by sand artist Karin Ito during dinner where she will portray Lombard Odier’s 222 year legacy with images that signify our progression from the past to the future.

Dinner dress code: Cocktail


Journey Through Time luncheon
Venue: Happo-en, “Nuit suite”

Rethink Generations afternoon forum
Venue: Happo-en, “Jour suite”

Happo-en “Jour & Nuit Suite”
Tokyo 108-8631

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Experiential visits meeting point

Lombard Odier anniversary dinner

Palace Hotel
1-1-1 Marunouchi
Tokyo 100-0005

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