France Digitale: Paris promotes the latest trends in tech


France Digitale: Paris promotes the latest trends in tech

Every year, France Digitale unites investors and startups in Paris to discuss the latest digital trends and future innovations. An annual event to delve deep into the digital world and sustainable innovation.

On September 25, rethinkers in the field of technology came together in Paris at the Palais de l'Elysée for France Digitale day. For the 6th year in a row, this event was organised by France Digitale, a French association that aspires to bring together entrepreneurs and investors from the digital world, and nurture startups in France.

The event hosted more than 1000 business-meetings and 3000 startup founders from 45 different countries, as well as three French ministers. Notably, Mounir Mahjoubi, the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, in France, and a well-known entrepreneur. He said:

The French way of supporting startups is about being effective with humanity. Innovation can be at the service of people and have a positive impact on society.  The French technology sector must find the balance between meaning and performance. This will be its real differentiating factor.

Key topics related to sustainable development and technology were discussed and debated at length. At Lombard Odier, we believe in technological innovation that enables people, will drive returns for investors and create a better future for all.

Technology is transforming people's lives every day, and this is both a challenge, and an opportunity in the business world. Always looking to the future, this event was once again a chance, for Lombard Odier, and other innovators to share their vision and expertise with the new wave of tech start-ups. We all need to be ready to meet tomorrow's challenges in a sustainable fashion.

At Lombard Odier, technology and sustainable investment go hand in hand and are synonymous with our belief that sustainability will be key driver of growth and performance in the long, and short term. Our mission is to support innovative ideas that have sustainable objectives, in order to tackle today’s exploitation of natural resources, climate change, inequality and the challenges that come with changing population structures. Technology is a key factor in achieving these objectives because it helps to rethink and challenge traditional models.

Every year, at this event, new innovative solutions are proposed by experts and start-ups who wish to disrupt and lead in the sector. There are numerous projects that actively contribute to the preservation of the biosphere and supporting those in need.


Bertrand Gacon, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Lombard Odier said:

Does impact investing work? The answer to this provocative question is yes. Definitely yes. And a good example is Openairlines, who have developed a fuel saving software.

Openairlines is company that has developed an eco-flying solution to save fuel to make flying more efficient. Another example is Zephyr Solar, a sustainable start-up whose mission is to reconnect isolated sites or crisis areas to the grid by using telecommunication and aerial observation.

These innovative new trends illustrate the importance of innovation in ensuring we create a better tomorrow. And at Lombard Odier, we believe that integrating sustainability into every aspect of portfolios is a key driver of returns. Now is the time.

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