222 years of innovation.

A 222-year history is only possible through sustained innovation. The boldness of our founders started it all. Through prosperity and crisis, we dared to innovate, explored new territories, preserved our clients’ wealth and developed best-in-class technology. This ability to rethink keeps us at the forefront of our industry. We look to our past, and we build our present with a vision of what the Bank of Tomorrow will mean in the future, for our clients and for ourselves. Discover our past, present and future here.

the bank of tomorrow 2018.

Time waits for no bank but the core values that inspire us are timeless and will drive us forward. We are committed to creating sustainable value, harnessing technology, offering fresh investment perspectives and retaining the human touch in a digital world. That’s our vision of The Bank of Tomorrow. Our future depends on our actions today. The future is now.

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modern times 1957 - 2018.

modern times 1957 - 2018.

It was a time of great change. Over the last 50 years, we have welcomed change even when it meant rethinking what it means to be a bank.

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the time of glory 1945 - 1990.

the time of glory 1945 - 1990.

Europe enjoyed decades of unprecedented peace and prosperity after World War Two.

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the time of war and crisis 1914 - 1945.

the time of war and crisis 1914 - 1945.

Of the more than 40 crises that we have overcome in the past two centuries, the period between 1914 and 1945 was undoubtedly the most challenging.

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The time of the new world 1820 - 1914.

the time of the new world 1820 - 1914.

As rethinkers, we quickly realised the burgeoning potential of the Americas. Our founding fathers successfully ventured into this new emerging continent and unearthed the investment potential of the oil, steel and railway industries.

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the time of progress 1830 - 1890.

This period of our history is intertwined with the Industrial Revolution. As bold visionaries, we helped shape the progress of these times by financing the railways and investing in technological expansion.

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the time of our founders 1796 - 1830.

The birth of Lombard Odier is a story rooted in Geneva and the families of our founding fathers. Our bank was created from the ashes of the French Revolution by our entrepreneurial founders Henri Hentsch, Jean Gédéon Lombard and Charles Odier - who dared to risk in an age of turmoil.

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